Co-operative Project #001
The Global Consciousness Project - Princeton University

Started 01 November, 2001

Shortly after the terrorist tragedy of September 11th, 2001, we became aware of a most unique claim that appeared to hold almost unbelievably important implications in the study of PSI and consciousness.

In 1998, a project was initiated at Princeton University, in New Jersey, that was dedicated to the concept of proving and understanding the existence of a global consciousness - an interactive field that in one respect might resemble the Collective Unconscious of Jung. In another respect, the proposed global consciousness entity might fit in with the extended version of the Gaia Hypothesis, or the Morphogenic Field Theory of Sheldrake, et al. In essence, the prediction lies that a collective mind exists that includes all humans on the Earth, and may be in resonance or in a state of integration with the Earth itself!

One method of proving the existence of this Global Consciousness would be to examine it's properties pertaining to psychokinesis, or the ability to alter physical systems of a delicate nature. It has been shown on a number of occasions that under conditions of emotional stress or strain, many humans seem to exhibit the ability to alter near random systems, such as electronic noise or random number generators. This is referred to in PSI research as Micro-PK.

The Princeton GCP set up a network of electronic random number generators tied to computers around the world. These devices, nicknamed "Eggs", would feed a probabilistically random series of digits to the host computer. The host computer then feeds the data to Princeton via the Internet. Please visit the GCP website for much more information:

The GCP has essentially looked for periods when the random number series from the Eggs becomes cohered or slightly non-random, as it would if one were conducting PK research. However, the purpose of gathering data from so many stations (currently 46) is to look for evidence of GLOBAL coherence of the Eggs at times of great turmoil, political events, tragedies, or natural disasters. Events that could conceivably affect a global state of awareness. Other more benign events might include national celebrations, cultural or religious holidays, etc.

Evidence had been slowly accruing since 1998. A number of major world events seemed to be triggering coherence of widely isolated Eggs. However, with the tragedy of September 11th, a common coherence of Egg outputs occurred that had previously been unseen! On the morning of the tragedy, nearly all of the reporting Eggs surged into a state of non-randomness, as if replying to an outcry from all souls on the planet. Even more fascinating is the observation that the start of this surge is actually seen to be starting in the data at a point about four hours before the physical terrorist strikes occurred. This last observation holds tremendous implications not only for Consciousness studies, but (we believe) for the study of pre-cognition as well. Could the start of the surge before the actual physical event reflect a valuable clue as to the nature of pre-cognition? We believe that one possibility is that if the event were to be likened to Schrodinger's Cat - an exercise in quantum mechanics - then the start of the Egg response might correspond to the point in the time continuum where the quantum wave-function of the event collapsed into it's low energy state. The point of decision, metaphysically speaking, before which no prediction would be accurate, but after which perhaps many sensitives or pre-cognitives around the world might have "tuned in" and foreseen the events that would transpire later in the morning.

Shortly after our knowledge of this discovery, we contacted Roger Nelson, the program director, and inquired as to how we might become involved. Roger and his team were cordial and eager to let us join in the project by hosting our own Egg!

Thusly, on November 1st, 2001, our own Egg, the most recent of the whole "brood", went on-line on our Gibsonburg, Ohio computer. We are now transmitting random number data to Princeton on a continuous basis, proudly assisting this very important venture.

Our participation in the GCP may very well greatly benefit our own research objectives as well, especially by broadening our understanding of PK and precognition mechanisms.

We are eternally grateful to Roger Nelson and the GCP team for accepting our offer. As important results or co-relations are made by either us or the GCP, we intend to report these faithfully.

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